Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Read one line repeatedly for two days.

Some books I've read during my absence from this blog:

- most of the rest of The Number System
- several poems from A Worldly Country, by J. Ashbery
- pages 15-23 of Pauper, Brawler and Slanderer, by Amos Tutuola
- the beginning of Hopscotch (chapters 73, 1, and 2)
- more of 39 microlectures
- a readers copy of Harriet and Isabella, by Patricia O'Brien (quickly deciding"NO", but unable to look away from the wreck. I probably read about a third of it, in fragments.)
- Imagine. You Are Landing. A book by Vittorio Santoro.
- some more again of Blues People, by LeRoi Jones
- HP and the..., up through the beginning of book 5.
- The Pines, Vol. 4

This blog will become more interesting if I write in it.


Brent Cunningham said...

how was that The Number System book in the end? Thurston is author? Been on a math thing myself recently. When poets read math you know we're in the last days...

adam said...

It was a fun read, if you like that sort of thing. By which I mean rigorous logic, used to prove and define things you already know. A useful introduction to the way a mathematician thinks about basic arithmetic...

(the book is available as a dover reprint, btw -- you can buy it new from unnameable books (which does ship to oakland), or from your local bookseller -- ...