Monday, November 9, 2009

occasionally at sea. In all such cases,

The feeling is first one of strongish love, then even stronger love, then slightly less love (though he is still loving, rather than hating), then extreme love, then suddenly quite a strong feeling of dislike, then love again, and then more or less mixed feelings. This series of alternating emotions will continue and, in fact, the emotional state varies chaotically.
We looked round, surprised at this interruption, for Short had apparently returned to his slumbers, but we now saw that he had emerged from the banner and was standing behind us, fully dressed (I discovered later on that he had discarded dressing and undressing as frivolous waste of time), a queer uncouth figure with his long touzled black hair and sallow, unhealthy face. He had a short clay pipe firmly set between his teeth, and his large lips were parted with a smile.
I bet that he won't tell you anything about what he does. He doesn't just write books, he is a professor of philosophy at the University of Vincennes; hence he does philosophy. No one has ever been quite sure what that consists of.
We would miss the pathos of authority in the era of high capitalism if we were to think so. Pullman went to great effort to offer his workers something more than a job. Throughout the 19th Century, paternalistic controls were similarly motivated by a desire to make personal, face-to-face contacts -- to make a community -- in an economic system always pulling people into paths of individual striving and mutual competition.
Even the colophons of the printers they relied on often reflected a desire not to attract potential customers to bookshops (as was the usual purpose of early colophons), but to distract officials and avoid fines or arrest. Products issued from "Utopia" and "Cosmopolis" helped to publicize these novel terms but also added to the sense of unreality and impracticality associated with the circulation of ideas.
"It isn't that we laugh because we hear these fine words," replied Parlamente. "But the fact is that everyone is inclined to laugh when they see somebody fall over or when somebody says something unintentional, as often happens, even to the most modest and best spoken of ladies, when they make a slip of the tongue and say one word instead of another.
You have seen
A rain of dried peas does not stick to a screen,
A non-stop reflector,
(Not the black sheet of a bed),
But an heroic
Which excretes and laughs.


These are not my sentiments,
Only sometimes does one feel that intimate.

                                                                    God, LL.D.,

I want to resign

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