Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Is your war a lemon?

I just read pages 12-13 of The June 30th Manifesto*, while thinking about what to blog. Earlier I read the beginning of the first Harry Potter book in the bathroom. I also perused the Official Baseball Guide for 1979 -- pages 120-121, which features the Slugging Leaders for each year in the history of the American League, starting in 1901.

Actually, there is an entry for 1900, but in place of a player's name it says "(Not classed as major)". A picture of "Boston's Jim Rice, 1978 American League Pacesetter" takes up most of page 121. According to Scott Helmes, John Ashcroft's phone number is 202/353-1555.

*compiled by John M. Bennett & Scott Helmes (Luna Bisonte Prods StampPad Press, 2004)

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